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High-quality, low-cost recycled gypsum


Urban Gypsum is recycling drywall for Oregon and the Pacific Northwest

Recycled gypsum

One product, many uses.

Soil amendment, conditioner and fertilizer | Soil remediation and stabilization | Compost additive  Animal bedding and barn dry | Poultry litter amendment | Bulk waste solidification | Plastic, adhesive and paint filler or diluent | Wallboard manufacturing | Cement manufacturing


It starts with drywall waste recycling at a lower cost than disposal

Once pulverized and powdered, it is available as a

Recycled Gypsum Agriculture

soil amendment and plant nutrient


and for industrial production of cement and new wallboard. 

Did you


More than

15 million tons

of gypsum is filling landfills annually in Europe, US, and Asia

At Urban Gypsum, our goal is the effective
re-utilization of gypsum materials.
We care about the environment and make decisions
that positively affect our community.
We are committed to investing in technology and improving processes,
so we can provide recycled gypsum products at a lower cost. 


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