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Applying post-consumer gypsum to your land is a cost-effective alternative to traditional fertilizers. Used by many for composting, soil amendments, and improving overall plant nutrient, recycled gypsum is the renewable solution for today's farmer.

As a soil amendment, recycled gypsum is both highly beneficial and offers savings over mined gypsum. We recycle virgin drywall into gypsum powder that is as much as 99% pure.


Widely used to increase yields in crops, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, grasses and more, it is also beneficial for environmental landscaping such as park and lawn maintenance, golf courses, and athletic fields.


Blueberries on the vine
Gypsum Recycling

Gypsum is slowly soluble so its benefits extend over a long period of time. With a neutral pH, there is no extra expense required to counteract souring or sweetening effects. Gypsum prevents soil hardening and slick spots and soil stabilized with gypsum is readily accessible to farming equipment.

The Benefits of Gypsum


Urban Gypsum has solutions for any size application.


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