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Drywall Repair and Restoration



Visit any construction or demolition job site today and you'll quickly realize how much gypsum is being thrown away. With construction costs on the rise, we're helping reduce disposal fees.


Not only is this better for the environment but can assist with LEED and other green opportunities.

Urban Gypsum® offers one-stop disposal or hauling of your virgin drywall. For a fraction of the cost of landfill dumping, we can process your clean load gypsum at our state-of-the-art facility located in North Portland.

Once received, we process the board into powder for new uses such as fertilizer and soil amendment. Additionally, the recycled product serves as a source of raw material for use in the manufacturing of new products. 

Recovery and recycling of special waste plasterboard for the production of new gypsum prod
Insulation Installation in Room

Urban Gypsum is currently licensed in Oregon and Washington for the resale of recycled gypsum products.

Talk to us today about how we can help you dispose of your drywall material.

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